Week 2

Friday, April 17

Google is reportedly working on its own Apple Card-style smart debit card

Samsung’s new TV packaging can be recycled to make a cat house

Amazon employees plan 'online walkout' over firings, work conditions

The Q1 2020 Global VC Report: Funding Slowly Impacted By Coronavirus

'Minecraft' looks like a whole new game with NVIDIA's RTX ray tracing

Thursday, April 16

The new iPhone SE is a shockingly good value

Spotify now lets Premium users hide songs they don’t want to hear from playlists

Changing policy, Y Combinator cuts its pro rata stake and makes investments case-by-case

Apple adds macOS feature designed to prolong the lifespan of MacBook batteries

Stripe raises $600 million funding round at $36 billion valuation

Wednesday, April 15

iPhone SE 2020: Apple announces new $399 phone

Unicorn layoffs keep piling up as the economy gets worse

Elon Musk said Tesla would fight COVID-19 with new ventilators. They never came.

Elizabeth Holmes' criminal trial delayed due to coronavirus

Facebook is building a hidden, bot-only platform to learn about trolls and scammers

Tuesday, April 14

Google is reportedly building its own processor for Pixels and Chromebooks

GitHub is now free for all teams

How coronavirus could change your office space

Amazon fires two employees who condemned treatment of warehouse workers

Unemployment checks are being held up by a coding language almost nobody knows

Monday, April 13

SoftBank expects $24 billion in losses from Vision Fund, WeWork, and OneWeb investments

Coronavirus: Huawei warns UK against 5G U-turn after pandemic

Apple redesigning iPhone this year with flat sides and smaller notch, says report

As YouTube Traffic Soars, YouTubers Say Pay Is Plummeting

Amazon launches further recruitment drive in US and Canada

Sunday, April 12

Foxconn’s buildings in Wisconsin are still empty, one year later

Apple, Google reportedly team with UK's NHS on COVID-19 tracing app

Why Amazon shipments are slow during the pandemic

Nasty macOS flaw is bricking MacBooks: Don't install this update

Elon Musk explains why Tesla's Model 3 has an in-cabin camera

Saturday, April 11

All the Ways You Can Surf the Decentralized Web Today

NASA's Mars helicopter is ready for the red planet

Aston Martin designing new protection for health care workers

Amazon wants drones to deliver to your home soon

Apple Maps will soon display COVID-19 testing locations